Product no.: 600-K125-ASXL-01

Our UV safety eyewear ASTOR XL is suitable as visitor eyewear or as goggles for wearer of prescription glasses.


Product no.: 900-ZUBE-R04

Our spectacles cord can be fixed to almost all of our spectacles in order to prevent constant removal of your eyewear.

2.86 *
Product no.: 900-LED-CLIP

Our lighting system LED lamp can be mounted on almost all of our spectacles and enables precise working.

39.90 *
Product no.: 900-ZUBE-R01

Our useful cleaning station for cleaning of your safety spectacles with cleaning fluid and cleaning tissues.

69.90 *
Product no.: 900-ZUBE-R01-210

The refill pack of silicon-free cleaning tissue (210 sheets) for our cleaning station.

12.85 *
Product no.: 900-ZUBE-R01-PUMPE

As accessoy we are offering you a spray pump for our 500ml bottle cleaning fluid.

5.70 *
Product no.: 900-VERP-MICRO

Our microfiber bag is not only useful for safe-keeping, but can also be used as cleaning cloth.

2.70 *
Product no.: 900-ZUBE-R03

Functional microfiber cloths for cleaning of your safety spectacles in a convenient 10-pack.

15.70 *
Product no.: 900-ZUBE-R01-5000

Cleaning fluid for our useful cleaning station in a 5000ml canister.

32.80 *
Product no.: 900-ZUBE-R02-30ML

Cleaning spray (30ml) for all laser safety eyewear.

9.00 *
Product no.: 900-DISP-M5

Our presenter made of metal is the perfect solution to present up to 5 glasses in a beautiful way. 

25.70 *