Terms of Payment and Delivery

§ 1 General

(1) All quotations, shipments and services provided to the customer by the PROTECT – Laserschutz Ltd. are based on the provider’s terms and conditions. They apply in the version which is valid on the date of order.

(2) Contradictory or deviating terms and conditions are not accepted by the provider.   

§ 2 Contract-Forming and Contract-Language

(1) The presentation of goods in the online-shop does not constitute a legally binding quote. The customer is only asked to place an offer by making an order.

(2) After entering his information and by clicking on the order-button, the customer places a binding offer on forming a sales contract. At the same time the customer also acknowledges these Terms and Conditions.

(3) The confirmation of order reception comes along with the order approval in an automated e-mail. The sales contract is formed by this automated e-mail confirmation of the provider.

(4) The contract language is German/English.

§ 3 Customers’ Right of Recession

Customers have a right of recession

Terms of Cancellation 

Right of Recession

You have the right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days without stating any reason.

The cancellation deadline starts with the day on which you or a named third-party that is not a carrier, have received the goods.   

In order to claim your right of recession you have to inform us (Protect-Laserschutz GmbH, Mühlhofer Hauptstraße 7, D – 90453 Nurnberg, Tel-No.: +49 (0) 911 96447 30, Fax: +49 (0) 911 96447 31, E-Mail: info@protect-laserschutz.de) by providing an explicit declaration (e.g. mail, fax or e-mail) about your decision to cancel the contract. You may use the attached example cancellation-form to do that but it is not mandatory.  

In order to maintain your right of recession it is sufficient to send out your message regarding the execution of the right of recession before the cancellation deadline expires.

Consequences of the Recession

If you cancel the contract we are obligated to reimburse all of your payments including shipment fees (excluded are additional fees resulting from choosing another shipment method than our standard one) immediately and not later than fourteen days after receiving your message regarding the recession of the contract. The reimbursement will take place by using the same payment method that you chose during the initial transaction unless we explicitly agreed upon something different with you. In no case will the reimbursement cause you any transaction fees. We may withhold the reimbursement until receiving the goods or receiving proof that you have sent the goods back to us, depending on what comes in first.

You must send or hand over the goods back to us immediately and not later than fourteen days after the day when you have notified us about your recession of the contract. The deadline is met when you send out the goods before the expiration of the fourteen days deadline.

You pay the shipment fees for sending back the goods. 

You must cover a possible value loss of the goods only if it results from using them in a way that is not appropriate for the inspection of the goods’ quality, properties and functionality.

§ 4 Customer information: Correction Notification

 You can always change or delete your entered information during the ordering process. If you want to cancel the ordering process completely, you also can simply close your browser-window. An overview on the last page of the ordering process also gives you the chance to change your information. Your declaration becomes legally binding after clicking on the order-button.

§ 5 Customer Information: Saving of the Contract Text

We save the contract text with the information about the purchased article in our system and send you the order details via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by you. You can view your placed orders after logging into your user account.

§ 6 Prices, Payment Modalities

(1) For all orders, those prices apply which are displayed in the corresponding quote at the time of order placement. The given prices comprise all price-details including the German VAT. Shipment fees are not included. You can find the current shipment fees as well as all details regarding the shipment fees in the shop/corresponding quotation.

(2) The customer must pay the full retail price including the specific price details, legal VAT and shipment fees (these are evident during the ordering process) to the provider according to the chosen payment method. Available payment methods are: pre-payment via bank transaction, PayPal, SaferPay or cash on delivery.

§ 7 Delivery

The goods will be delivered, if not specified otherwise in the quotation, 1-2 business days after we receive the payment.

§ 8 Warranty

(1) The delivery of our goods is subject to the right of warranty specified in the German Civil Legal Conduct. (§§ 437 ff. BGB)

(2) The warranty deadline for customers who are sales persons is limited to 12 months. From this regulation excluded are claims of compensation for damage, claims due to deficits which we kept quiet about maliciously and claims from a warranty which we have granted for the quality of the goods. The excluded claims are subject to legal statutes of limitation.  

§ 9 Liability

(1) The provider’s liability is unlimited under the stipulation of legal statutes for customer’s damages resulting from intentional or grossly negligent behavior of the provider or his auxiliary agents, for personal damages and damages covered by the Product Warranty Act.

(2) The liability for claims of compensation is restricted unless the provider is liable due to a granted warranty. These restrictions are as follows: The provider is only liable for low negligent damages if these result from the violation of core contractual duties (cardinal duties). Cardinal duties are such duties which allow a proper execution of the contract in the first place. The contractual partner may rely on the fulfillment of these duties. According to this regulation the provider’s liability for low negligence is limited on typically foreseeable damages.

(3) The former liability restriction does not apply for physical damage or damage to a person’s life or health. The provider is absolutely liable for these kind of damages under the stipulation of legal statutes.

(4) The regulations from the former paragraphs also apply with respect to the replacement duty for vain outlays. (§248 BGB)

(5) The former liability restrictions also apply to the provider’s auxiliary agents.

§ 10 Screen Display

The images used to describe the goods are exemplary images. They do not always correspond to the natural depiction of the article but rather have an elucidative character. Various articles are available in different colors. Depending on a user’s screen especially colors and sizes may be displayed differently.

§ 11 Personal Information Protection Notification

The protection of personal information is subject to legal statutes. You can find details regarding the gathering and usage of your personal information in our Personal Information Protection Notifications.