Laboratory Eyewear

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Work Safety Eyewear TERMINATOR PLUS

Product no.: 500-K000-TERM-P

Our sporty safety eyewear TERMINATOR PLUS offers high user comfort and is versatilely applicable due to replaceable lenses.

from 33.40 *

Work Safety Eyewear TERMINATOR Small

Product no.: 500-K000-TERM-S-02

TERMINATOR small was especially developed for smaller heads and has every advantage of TERMINATOR.

from 28.70 *

Work Safety Eyewear TERMINATOR XTRA

Product no.: 500-K000-TERM-X

Our safety spectacles TERMINATOR XTRA combines sporty design with highest multfunctionality.

from 33.80 *

ASTOR XL work safety

Product no.: 500-K105-ASXL-G-01

The modern visitor safety eyewear ASTOR XL can be worn over prescription glasses.

27.90 *

Work Safety Eyewear HUNTOR

Product no.: 500-K105-HUNT-10

Our sporty safety eyewear HUNTOR is featherweight, offers improved user comfort and strikes with its sporty design.

17.60 *

Full Sight Eyewear GONDOR

Product no.: 500-K255-GOND-16

Modern full sight spectacle GONDOR with high hearing comfort and indirect circulation system.

44.10 *

Work Safety Eyewear VICTOR small

Product no.: 500-K155-VICT-S-58

Our safety spectacles VICTOR small offer an unrestricted field of vision in combination with a light and sporty design. 

29.90 *

Work Safety Eyewear COMBOR

Product no.: 500-K155-COMB

Our safety eyewear COMBOR combines a sporty design and excellent safety features and makes this eyewear a top all-rounder. 


from 32.90 *

Work Safety Eyewear VELOR

Product no.: 500-K155-VELO

Our work safety eyewear VELOR offers sportives design, and is available with reading correction.

from 34.70 *
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